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Welcome to Wikiscanner.se

This Wikiscanner offers access to all anonymous edits of pages in the Spanish Wikipedia. It resolves all those anonymous edits to a name. In most cases the network of a company or an organisation.

Wikiscanner contains 929.883 edits by 22.852 distinct organisations!

Use this button/bookmarklet Wikiscanner to analyze the pages of Wikipedia while browsing Wikipedia. A simple click on the bookmark will bring your browser straight to the right page on Wikiscanner. We can't make it easier. Firefox, Opera and Safari users can simply drag the button to their personal/bookmark bar. Internet Explorer users have to add the bookmark manually by rightclicking and choosing add to favourites, create in Links. You can read more about it in the FAQ. The period covers the start till 1 september 2007.
  1. Which organisation has this IP-address?

  2. Which IP-address belongs to this organisation?

    (e.g.: www.philips.nl)
  3. Search company/organisation

  4. Search page

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Why the Wikiscanner?

It's of the upmost importance the have reliable public knowledge. Wikiscanner can help by offering a tool to scan the content of pages for 'spinning' behaviour of malicious people and organisations.


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